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Little China Girl
Role-playing (NC-17) 
18th-Sep-2005 07:32 pm
Sexy Close Up
George decides to sleep at my flat tonight. He says he feels guilty about all the times he has put Fred on the look out for us at the flat above Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes.

“After Bill last night, that makes two of my brothers who have seen you naked and I am the jealous type, you know,” George laughs as we shut the door to my flat behind us.

“Fred has seen me naked too? How do you know?”

“Come on, Cho, you don’t like to wear clothes that much. We’re lucky only two members of my family have seen you starkers.”

“Well then, maybe I need to start putting on more clothes more often,” I say with a grin.

“Oh dear Merlin,” he grabs me and slides his hands around my waist, “You can’t do that. It would kill me.” George then makes a big show of choking and I push him away.

“You silly goose!” I chastise him. Then I change my demeanor as an idea comes to mind. “So, you think I should wear clothes more often and not go naked so much?”

“Now, I didn’t say that, Cho. You misunderstood my meaning.” He is a bit panicky, as he realizes I have something planned.

“Why don’t you stay right here and I will show you just how I can go about putting on more clothes?”

“What, what, where are you going?” he asks in nervous confusion.

“You’ll see…” With those words, I leave him in my lounge, sitting on the sofa, to wonder what it is I may be up to. I race to my bedroom, shut the door and cast a locking charm on it to insure he does not peak. Then I turn to change into something more comfortable…I mean…temporary.

I rifle through the bureau, looking for something, anything that could be considered sexy and I come to the shocking conclusion that most of my intimate wardrobe is on the professional side. Yes, my brassieres are nice, some cute…some very flattering…bordering on sexy…but nothing risqué. I shall have to go shopping and remedy that situation…

After what seems like an eternity and I am about to resign myself to the fact that yes, I will have to go naked for this particular encounter with George, I find it.

The knickers and bra I wore to the Yule Ball in fifth year. The material a very innocent and warm floral. The top demure and tasteful. The bottoms are tiny with just enough cloth to leave something to the imagination. I spent the night for the first time with Cedric that night, and I remember he liked these very much. I can only hope that George enjoys them as well. I change as quickly as I can and grab my sheer gauze dressing gown to add more of a hint of innocence and youth. I cannot recall with whom George attended the ball…

In a rush, I lie down on the bed and assume as sexy a pose as I can muster while trying not to burst into laughter.

“George, you can come in now.”

He reaches the door and of course, it will not open.

“Still locked,” he whines.

“Damn it!” I jump up and run across the room to grab my wand and rush back to the bed, trying to arrange myself as best I can before I remove the locking charm. The door slowly drifts open and I see George standing there, staring at me while I try to recover from my recent burst of energy and keep myself from panting at the same time.

And here is what he sees:
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“Gryffindor’s ghost, Cho,” he mumbles as he steps into the room, astounded. “Wow.”

“Well put. Now strip. You’re going to be more naked than me this time, George.” In a matter of seconds George is down to his boxers and socks. “Those too,” I direct him as I roll to my side for a better view. He slides his boxers down his legs as his erection bobs free and he removes one sock, then the other, in not the most graceful exertion I have in my life seen. He actually topples to the floor at one point before he leaps back up saying, “I’m alright, I’m all-right!” I can not keep myself from giggling at that point.

Now he is naked.

I crook my finger at him, motioning him to come to the bed and he obliges me, nearly jumping the distance between us.

“Oooo, eager young man now, are we not?” I ask in as husky a voice as I can muster. He cannot even respond as he sits on the bed next to me and stretches out his legs. I crawl over to him before I speak again, gathering as much courage as I can to give him this fantasy I know he has not allowed himself to have about me.

“I suck your cock now, Joe. Suck you good. Suck you hard. Sucky, sucky long time for you. Then we bang-bang, long time,” I say in as clipped an accent as I can muster, remembering the sounds and pronunciation of my native language.

“Shite…,” his eyes go wide and his voice is barely audible. “Oh dear Merlin in heaven, Cho. Oh God, I love you.”

I kneel between his knees as I look at his obelisk-like member, pointing to the ceiling as if it is wanting to burst from its foreskin. The wet head does peep through like a mushroom waiting to be plucked.

“This not about love, Joe…this about sucky-sucky, fucky-fucky.” His moan is uncontrolled as it bounds from his lungs and I lean forward, placing my hands around his cock to slip back the foreskin.

“I don’t care, Chhhhooooo! I still loooooove you!” he screams as I take his cock completely into my mouth. “God, you’re so fuuuuucking sexy!” His voice wavers once more as I bob my head up and down along his length with a faint slurping sound. I swirl my tongue around his taught head, paying extra care to the slit and the under-ridge. I lift my eyes to his when I feel him gather my hair behind my head, to help me keep it out of my face, as my hands are busy at the base of his length, working as diligently as my tongue. He screams with his lips closed and it is the most empowering sound I have every heard. I have the power to do this to him…to make him lose control and scream in pleasure.

While doing this, I discreetly remove my knickers.

Then I move on…

With a final ‘pop’, I release him from my mouth and carefully turn until my back is toward him. I bend forward until the side of my face is against the coverlet as I raise my arse as high as I can in offer to him. He is spellbound and mumbling incoherently.

“Ok now, you fuck me hard now, ok? Fuck me good, Joe.”

And he very nearly leaps to his own kneeling-position behind me as he grabs his cock and slowly guides it to my slit. He dips the head inside before he plunges deeply into me. Now it is my turn to scream and moan as I feel the tip of his cock press all the way inside of me. I can almost feel his length in my abdomen. Then he begins to slowly pump himself into me and my mind clouds over. His steady rhythm is intoxicating and as he continuously heaves himself into me, I am taken to new heights. His hands grab at my arse and slide up my back to my shoulders where he presses his weight onto me and I willingly take it. I want him to give me more, as much as he can possible give.

He grunts loudly as he slows and suddenly SLAMS! his cock all the way up into me. I shriek at the pressure and the pleasure. He stills before slowly slipping his length back out of my pussy before slamming into me again with more force than previously. Then he stills and gradually glides his hard, long cock out of me again…and then SLAM!, it begins again and again until I see tiny lights in front of me and an orgasm swiftly seizes my being.

“OH MERLIN, GEORGE! OH MERLIN, OH MERLIN, OH MERLIN!” It’s too much, too much…and I have to collapse on the mattress below him as his cock abruptly slides out of me. He quickly covers me with is body, whispering words of tenderness and love in my ear. The sensation of lying on my stomach with George stretched on top of me is an unexpected pleasure in which I want to relish.

“Turn over, baby,” he continues.

“No, no,” I pant. “Do me this way, George, please? Please?”

“You sure?” He kisses the back of my neck and upper back.

“Oh gods, YES! Please, fuck me more, George. Fuck me more!”

I feel him lift up above my waiting bottom as he grabs his cock in his hand to guide it back into my anticipating pussy. For a second, a flash of fear overcomes me as I think he might accidentally push himself into the wrong hole, but my fears are quickly allayed as he fills my pussy once more. He waits for a second, I know, to let me gather myself and adjust to him before he begins his tempo again…plunging and pushing into me, this time to fulfill his own needs. He slides his hands around my torso and holds me so closely to him as he buries his face into my neck and hair. I coo and moan at the sensation of his cock deep inside me and his body covering mine.

I lose all notion of time and am only aware of his skin, his body on mine, and after a time of steady pumping into me, George begins to quicken and I sense that he is approaching his release. I raise my bum ever-so-slightly to give him better penetration and he moans his appreciation just before he tenses and slams for a final time into me.

When his moment has passed, he moves to lift himself from me and I grab at him, making him stay.

“No, stay here, like this. Please?” I ask. He indulges my need. “I like this very much, George.” He stays on me, yet arranges my hair so his body does not pull at it, petting and cherishing me with kisses and caresses. “I love you, George,” I whisper.

He whispers back to me, “Me love you long time, Cho.”
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