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Little China Girl

Cho Chang
28 January
"Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace."
--His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso


I finished up at Hogwarts quietly, as I threw myself into my studies and Ravenclaw activities during my seventh year. I played seeker again that year and shared the title of team co-captain with Roger Davies. Davies pursued me relentlessly during that year, but after being dropped by Harry Potter during my sixth year and my subsequent less-than-exciting (and rather brief) fling with Michael Corner, I had had it with the opposite sex for a while. Besides, none of them seemed to be able to measure up with Cedric Diggory. I completed my time at Hogwarts with academic honors, although the school Quidditch Cup eluded my grasp. At my final match I did not bother to merely throw my broom to the ground; I broke it in half before walking off the pitch.

I was offered the position of back-up seeker for the Tutshill Tornados and wanted desperately to accept the offer, but my parents, being very traditional Chinese parents, let me know in no uncertain terms that an athletic career would be unsuitable for someone of their daughter’s intelligence and social stature. Not wanting to disappoint them (after all, they fled Beijing, where my father was a touted educator, to protect their only daughter after the student uprisings in 1989), I reluctantly succumbed to my parents’ will and turned down my favorite team, although I did not speak to my parents for several years afterwards.

After the love of my life, Cedric Diggory, was killed in part by the use of an illegal Portkey, I become fascinated with the particular charms that were involved with developing Portkeys. I worked in secret with Professor Flitwick (who is considered to be an authority on Portkeys, along with the late Headmaster Albus Dumbledore) to learn the intricate charm work necessary to master this precise craft. By the end of my seventh year, Flitwick pronounced that I was one of the finest Portkey developers he had seen in all his years.

After my disappointment with the Tutshill Tornadoes, I decided to pursue my other passion and ended up taking a job at the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Magical Transportation Portkey Authority. The mother of my Ravenclaw friend Marietta Edgecomb, Madam Edgecomb, helped me make the proper connections within the Ministry in order to secure an interview. My intelligence and natural talent at charms landed me the job.

I was extremely proficient in creating Portkeys and joined the Portkey Research and Development Section. I was able to accurately charm a number of never-before-used objects as Portkeys and more impressively, the accuracy of my Portkeys allowed travelers to meet the point of arrival standards within six centimeters…a standard that gave me the status as the youngest Master Portkey Specialist in history. I developed and improved several Portkey Theories, but soon found the work to be monotonous and boring. The excitement of my past as a Seeker seemed to call out to me and the theoretical and research-based work in the R & D Section did not fulfill my adventurous needs.

I wanted more for my life and after only six months in the R& D section I asked for and was reluctantly granted a transfer to the Portkey Field Development and Investigation Section. I was taught the skills necessary to become a Field Agent. Field Agents are highly trained specialists who are masters of Portkey development. They are also trained in surveillance and infiltration techniques. They are trained in a number of advanced charm-work spells and the defensive/offensive spells necessary to carry out their duties in dangerous situations. British Portkey Field Agents are seen as the best in the world. Often, field agents will work in conjunction with the British Magical Law Enforcement and Auror Force in addition to being hired out to other countries.

Soon after my training as a Field Agent was complete, the war against Voldemort occurred. Alastor Moody saw the need for my fearlessness and talent and invited me to join the Order of the Phoenix. I did my part in the fight, often creating Portkeys and hiding the Order’s use of such transportation during those dark times. At one point, my involvement in illegal Portkeys was almost exposed, and as a result, I had to participate in the obliterating of Marietta Edgecomb’s memory of that discovery. My investigation and the eventual shutdown of the Dark Lord’s Portkey network are seen as important in helping to end the war.

After the war, my friendship with Marietta was never the same. I returned to my job and was assigned to work with the Romanian Wizarding Dragon Compound to set up secret Portkeys to and from the region of Tibet for the purpose of rescuing a group of Chinese Fireball Dragons targeted for euthanasia by the Chinese government. I was actually assigned to Charlie Weasley’s Dragon Hunter team on several missions, including the final mission which led to the transport of four dragons slated for execution.

During that time I rediscovered my lost pride in the country I fled as a child, as well as harvested an abiding dislike for its governments, both Magical and Muggle. While in Tibet I converted to Buddhism. The time I spent in China changed my life for the better. I finally found peace in my life and found a way to deal with Cedric Diggory’s death.

After my two-year attachment in China, I returned to Great Britain and my job as a Field Agent. I have since reconciled with my parents and found the calm after the Great War to be very comforting. No longer do I crave adventure as much as I once did and I am now happy to work at maintaining the peace. Although

I am more at ease with the death of Cedric but I still had difficulty with finding a love interest. My inability to find a love match is more work related as my job could whisk me away at any moment, and that would make any relationship nearly impossible...unless I am able to find a man who truly understands me and my needs...


So much of my life has changed since my last few years at Hogwarts. I have been through a lot, some of it good and some of it bad. I have worked hard to become a Master Portkey Specialist. I cherish the time I spend with my parents. I live a very ordinary life, I play in a weekend Quidditch League, live in my parents’ carriage house, and spend my days as a single young woman, the shadow of the vivacious girl I once was. But I invest myself in my career to compensate for the areas of my life that are lacking.

My life undergoes some drastic changes at the beginning of the summer of 2001. When my Quidditch club plays a match against a group of Gryffindors from my Hogwarts days, George Weasley ends up breaking my nose during the game. (Do not worry, the team Athletic Healer fixed it immediately.) My team loses and we drown our sorrows at a local pub. George’s team is there as well and in a drunken stupor I end up having a one-night-stand with him. Within a month he and I go from literal strangers to lovers to being in love. Thirty days can change your entire life...

As the summer progresses my mum figures out I am involved with a man who is not Chinese. She and my father want to meet him. Mami takes a disliking to George when he comes over for dinner. I meet George’s mum in an embarrassing encounter early one morning at George’s flat. (I hope she likes me, because I love her son.) By the closing of summer I am recruited to assist in the investigation to solve the mystery of the kidnapping of Ron Weasley and Harry Potter.

As September approaches my skills as a Portkey Master are pivotal in Harry and Ron’s rescue. George and I are becoming more and more involved with each other.

Disaster strikes when my mother is diagnosed with a brain tumor. George and I grow closer and I confide my feelings about the Order of the Phoenix to him. Mami begins to accept George. He helps me cope with Mami’s illness.

When November arrives my mother’s health takes a turn for the worst. My father decides it would be best to take my mother back to China for treatment since traditional magical healing does not cure her. This is a serious and dangerous choice since my Baba is wanted as a political subversive in his homeland. Quan Do, a local Chinese Wizarding Mystic, agrees to assist my parents in their travels. Nymphadora Tonks, one of my Ravenclaw sisters, helps me process identification papers for my parents.

The last month of the calendar year is busy, if not bittersweet. My parents go to China in order to find a cure for my mother’s illness. I do not know if I will ever see either of them again. George is my rock and I move into the flat above his Diagon Alley store. I do not know what I would do or where I would be without him in my life. He proposes marriage to me on Christmas Day and I accept. We spend the holidays and ring in the New Year together.

The beginning of 2002 is thankfully uneventful. George gives up Quidditch as a sacrifice in order for me to be able to see my parents through one of Quan Do’s spells. George will be able to take up Quidditch once more when my parents return from China or perish, but I am not going to think of the latter. George and I begin preparations for our wedding later in the year.

I hope I made his first birthday celebration with us together a special one.

And now my story continues in ginger_and_snow...