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Little China Girl
Breakfast Fried Rice 
18th-Sep-2005 07:30 pm
Sexy Close Up
Morning comes early to my little flat above Baba’s workshop. I slip away from George, leaving him to sleep some more as we stayed up later than we should have last night. When I walk to the kitchen, past Bill, he is stirring to life and I greet him. He offers to help me with breakfast and I tell him that I am making breakfast fried rice. Enough for his whole family, two woks full, to take with us to the hospital. That is a lot of fried rice. I will put it in two large containers for when we Apparate to St. Mungo’s. After I toss the first ingredients in the hot pan, George wakes up and joins us. The two of them convince me to let them eat before we leave so they will not have to fight with the rest of the clan for their fair share. Strange, I have never thought of such things as I am an only child and never had to worry about sharing with so many siblings. In spite of the competitive impression that each of the Weasleys carry, they overcome that edge when it is time to care for one another. I enjoy being around that very much.

And besides, I know Molly likes my breakfast fried rice as she said so that morning long agowhen she found out about her son and me. I am relieved that she accepts me and does not act like my own mother as far as George is concerned, although sometimes I wonder if my own Mami is putting on airs about my George, as she says little things every now and then that make me wonder if she secretly does like and accept him.

Yesterday George and I spent most of the day at St. Mungo’s with his parents. It felt good to be able to support them and help them, even thought it does sometimes feel kind of strange. I mean, the way things ended so badly between Harry and I during my sixth year…and we did not even speak during my seventh. It is a wonder how small the world actually is, at least the Wizarding world. Who would have thought that Harry and I would eventually end up in the same circle of friends so many years later?

I now know that I was trying to make him replace Cedric in my heart. It was unfair of me to expect Harry to become someone he was not…someone that I needed instead of being himself. Not to mention the things that were happening to him during the time. It just was not meant to be. We were extremely incompatible anyway, and besides, he is rather boring in comparison to George. Ginny can keep her Snitch.

I am just glad that George’s brother Ron and their little sister’s boyfriend are back in safe arms. I cannot imagine the pain my love’s family would be going through if something tragic had happened. I do not want George to have to go through that. I do not want him to suffer the pain of that kind of loss and heartache. No one I love should have to suffer like that, for it is a terrible and dreadful feeling, the feeling that comes after the death of a loved-one.

Before we leave for St. Mungo’s, George and I walk across the garden path, to the back door of my parent’s house, with a container of the rice for them. Baba sits in the kitchen, drinking green tea by himself. The kitchen is quiet. Mami is not there. Baba tells us that Mami is still sleeping and I think it odd because I have never in my life known her to sleep past dawn. George asks Baba if Mami is alright and Baba tells him that she has not been feeling especially well lately. Next week she is going to see our family Healer to find out if she is suffering from something more than the fatigue of becoming older. When I say that I want to stay with Mami and Baba, Baba insists that I go with George to the hospital, that George’s family is in greater need at the moment and that I should not even consider leaving my love’s side during such a time. Besides, Mami is only getting to be an old woman.

I take Baba’s advice and leave with George, although the shadowy thought of my mother stays with me throughout the day. George envelopes me in a tight embrace when the door to the big house shuts behind us.

“Baby, I’m sure it’s nothing. Besides, she is seeing a Healer soon and everything will be alright. I promise.” George’s words are comforting, although I do wonder how he can make such a bold guarantee. I know it is only his love for me that makes him so daring with his assurances.
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