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Little China Girl
"Meditating" NC 17 for Adult Situations July 2nd 
2nd-Jul-2006 10:50 pm
Sexy Red
He sits there quietly watching me although he does not want me to know. He never says a word and hardly even moves when I meditate for a half hour every evening. He does not even look as if he breathes as he tries to casually watch me, pretending to read the newspaper. It is as if he is scared that he may break my concentration if he distracts me or stares at me and I smile inside knowing that he waits for me like an eager puppy.

I have asked him to join me while I meditate but all my fiancée can say it that he would not be able to sit still for an entire hour. But he still waits in silence for me every evening after work, afraid to move a muscle. In his own way, he is learning to master himself with patience.

The thought of George sitting across from me on his own meditation mat forces me to stifle a giggle. I think it will happen soon and even though he has many questions about Buddhism, he has always accepted my practices and come to embrace its customs.

My eyes peek open and I peer at him, not allowing George to see that I have ended my session. I never thought I would be with one like him when I was growing up. I imagined myself with a man of culture and distinction. Now, I am not saying that my love is not cultured but he does not care about conventionality and will always choose to live life to its fullest. It is not that he has done nothing to make himself distinct, but he has chosen to take the path less traveled in his route to wealth and fame.

That is one of the many reasons I love him. He has taught me much about myself and how to let myself be free. He has taught me to love life and never let anyone tell me that I cannot do something. But most of all, he has taught me that love does not have to be painful and wrought with fear…instead it is something to cherish and share with that one special person.

For me, that will always be George. The ginger-haired, immature, infuriating man whom I woke up next to after a night of extraordinary sex when I was intoxicated has now claimed my heart. I would have bet a fortune that after Hogwarts, I would not have ended up with him, but then again, I would have given a fortune just for the chance to be sitting on the floor of our flat, gazing at him.

“I see you watching me,” George snickers as he cranes his neck around the newspaper in front of him. His infuriating smile still irritates me, but at the same time it melts my heart and I cannot help but open my eyes and grin in return.

“You only saw me because you spent the last half hour watching me,” I smirk while I rise to my knees, place my hands over my head, and arch my back lazily.

“I’m just going to get all horny if you keep doing that,” George replies before he folds the paper and places it on the sofa next to him. He chuckles sharply before he continues, “Hell, I get horny sitting here watching you, but one of us has to fix dinner.”

I look at him begin to rise before I command, “Stay.”

George does not question my order and I can see the breathless anticipation in his eyes. I study him as he licks his lips when I take the bottom hem of my tank top and peel it up and over my head. The combination of the air against my naked bosom and George leering at me brings goose bumps to my flesh and I shiver slightly as I think of what he surely wants to do to me now.

“Gods, you’re beautiful, Wonton. I can’t get enough of you…you’re, you’re beautiful,” George babbles as he leans forward and I notice a prominent tent in his trousers.

“No trousers, George,” I reply firmly before I drop to my hands and begin to slowly crawl over to him, pleased to see him gulp deeply at my actions. I would never do this for another man. I trust George to never hurt me and as I make my way cat-like over to him, I know that this simple act drives him wild.

I lift my hand and point at his slacks before I begin to crawl again. George’s eyes widen when he recognizes my gesture. He lifts his bottom off the sofa quickly while he blurts, “Oh shit.”

He nearly slides off the cushion as he removes his trousers and boxers with incredible speed before he flings them across the room. His erection stands proudly as he sits down again and I place my hands on his upper thighs while I lift my head and bring it even with his hardness. I smile, hoping to tease him further, but when I see the mixture of desire and impatience in his blue eyes, I realize that I want to give him what he needs willingly.

“What a good boy,” I whisper huskily before I bend my head and take the tip of his length between my lips. My right hand grazes his skin as I let my hand wander up his leg before I wrap it around his cock, feeling him shudder when I run my fingers up and down the smooth length.

My mouth opens and I plunge down onto his hardness, hearing George groan loudly before I feel his fingers weave through my hair. His body stiffens as I begin to set my pace, the steady rhythm of my head bobbing on his cock causing him to buck his hips.

After a moment, I pull my mouth away and lift my eyes to him my hand still working along his length. He sighs in protest, the fingers in my hair trying to push me back to complete what he desperately needs before he whimpers, “Please Cho, I need you.”

I smile at his words, knowing in my heart that they will only be said to me for the rest of our lives before I dip my head down again and resume my ministrations. My tongue teases him, brushing lightly along every ridge and crevice as I feel his body begin to shake. I love George and I want to give this to him, so I lose myself in the sheer sensation of his cock sliding into my mouth, the tilting of his hips urging me back down when he feels my lips upon his tip, the pulsing of his erection and his joyful moan every time my tongue touches a sensitive spot on his smooth skin.

He deserves this for being my light in the darkness, the one who brought me out of the moroseness I felt for so long after Cedric…the one who I thought would be with me forever. But happily, I was wrong, and I know in my heart that I would have found George even if Cedric had survived because he is the only man I have ever truly loved.

My eyes lift up to meet his as I remove my lips from him and through the fog of desire which I know grips George, I see his undying love for me and I know it is reflected in my soul. My hand moves slowly along his length as I lick my lips and whisper, “Come for me, love.”
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